Why a Lifefactory glass bottle?

Lifefactory fuses a modern design sensibility, healthy materials, eco-friendly composition and exceptional utility to produce a full line of Safe, Simple and Smart products. Safe: we rely on trusted core materials such as glass and silicone and manufacture responsibly in the U.S. and Europe. Simple: all products are easy to use and dishwasher safe – no instruction manuals needed. Smart: functional reusable products come together to form a complete and elegant everyday system.

Healthy & Responsible

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Our caps are made ofBPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free polypropylene (PP#5) – safe for everyday food and beverage contact. Glass is easily recyclable and made from abundant natural ingredients. It is BPA/BPS-free, delivers the best taste and cleans easily in the dishwasher Our protective silicone sleeves are made fromBPA/BPS-free, medical-grade silicone. They provide a non-slip gripping surface and help prevent breakage. Manufacturing in the U.S. is important to us. It means reliable, well-made products and helps ensure that jobs stay in our communities. Our silicone sleeves, teethers and select caps are made in the U.S. Our European partners offer the highest-quality and an obsessive attention to detail. Our glass bottles, silicone nipples and select caps are made in Europe.

Reusable by Design

At Lifefactory, we believe in building products that never become obsolete. Our baby bottles are a perfect example. When you invest in Lifefactory glass bottles, you get a modular system designed to grow with your family and perform for years to come.

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Reuse the glass bottle throughout your baby’s early years. Reuse the same bottle by adding a sippy cap during toddler years. Reuse the bottle for years more with a flat cap as a storage container. Relove forever as your favorite jar for just about anything.
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