Quality of cashmere

Did you know that premium quality cashmere may be harder to handle in the shop? The best cashmere, which includes our blankets, actually improves with hand washing and age. After 2 or 3 hand washes you’ll find your baby blanket becomes super soft and extremely cozy. This is one of the reasons we claim our cashmere baby blankets can be kept and loved for a long time. That’s also what makes them the perfect luxury gift for a baby. They truely will become a treasured item in the new baby household.

So, should you not know – here’s a short intro to cashmere … premium pure cashmere consists of white, long, fine hair from the underfleece of goats which has been combed to remove the outercoat (or guard hair). Lower quality cashmere could contain shorter, coarser hairs, which may not have been properly dehaired. Unfortunately mass production by Chinese manufacturing giants has been to blame for poor quality cashmere being sold on the high street at bargain prices – in many of these cases this is due to them using the lower quality cashmere, shorter, coarser cashmere hairs.

Yes, Angel Cashmere blankets are also produced in Beijing, but Angel Cashmere’s owner’s brother manages the factory and in turn manages 100% production of their own baby blankets. As such, they have complete control over sourcing their own textiles and ensuring that each and every baby blanket is made using only the very best premium cashmere. Angle Cashmere like to think they have the finest finished product available on the baby blanket market today.

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