Print Placement? What, why and how?

 You want a certain Tokidoki character, or have a special request for print placement on your new Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki, Hello Kitty or classic Ju-Ju-Be bag? No problem, with our Print Placement Selection you can see pictures of all the Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki, Hello Kitty items, most of the classic items and even tokidoki, Lillebaby and some other brands too, that we have in stock. And you can order exactly the one you like.

Print Placement Selection


Easy and you know what you are getting even before you receive it! No more need to ask for pictures, you can see them when ever you visit our store.

If we have a lot of a single product, we can, due to technical limitations, present only 15 to 20 different products, but in that case we select the most asked ones first and of course we add new ones as soon as the previous ones have been sold.
We also receive new products every week and tadd hem to Print Placement Selection as soon as possible.


Why print placement?

Because, like in a physical boutique, we want to offer you the ability to choose the exact item you want. No need to order a dozen to get the right one, no need to order and return, you know exactly what you will get.

Are these used bags?

Absolutely no, they are brand new, straight from the factory bags. We just take pictures of them and repack them back as they were when they arrived. We don't sell any second hand items.

Are these original bags?

Absolutely yes, they came to us directly from manufacturer or factory. We buy products only from manufacturers and their official distributors. We don't want to have anything to do with unofficial items.

Can you take additional pictures of certain item?

Usually no, as they are packed back to original packaging and stored in our warehouse after the pictures have been taken.

Why it sometimes takes days to get all the pictures in the shop?

Because we have limited resources and space to take the pictures, process them and import them to the shop. It's all manual work. A big release like some tokidoki for example. We receive usually anything between 1500 to 2500 single items. Taking a picture of one of them requires that you carefully open the packaging, add filling to the item if needed, Place it on the backgound, take couple pictures from the front and from the back of the item, label the item and packaging, take off the filling and repack the item pack to packaging. And repeat that up to 2500 times. And then you need to upload the pictures. Retouch them with Photoshop to remove any extra from background, resize them to correct size. Place them on a stencil, change labelling and save. Then create the variations in the shops (yes, several shops), upload the pictures. And again repeat everything up to 2500 times. It does take some time even if we work 24/7 ;)

Anything else? Just ask our customer service.

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