Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

Sometimes we may have an price that is higher than some competition is offering. But don't worry, you don't need to purchase from anywhere else, because now Laura's Little Boutique offers Best Price Guarantee, where we promise to sell any item at a matching price to the lowest price generally available.

The compare price that someone else is offering for the Best Price Guarantee must meet these conditions:

  • The price must be available publicly. Meaning, anyone can purchase the item at that price online.
  • The price must be from an authorized, legal retailer. Sorry, no eBay or BST or any other private prices.
  • The price must be available at your shipping address.
  • The product must be new, unopened, available to purchase and in stock at that price. 
  • The item must be available at that price with normal retailers shipping fee, that is reasonably comparable to our shipping fee.
  • The price can be an sale price, or can be an price that needs an discount code.
  • In case of an price that needs an discount code, the discount code must be generally available on the online shop, or some other public place, like public Facebook page and there must be information on how long the code is valid
  • If the use of the discount code has any special requirements, those same requirements need to be met also for our Best Price Guarantee price, unless it's not possible due to stock, portfolio or any other unspecific reason. These reasons must be agreed with Laura's Little Boutique before any purchase.
  • The Best Price Guarantee can be given either by a single use discount coupon, or an temporary sale available to all customers.
  • We do reserve the right to deny any Best Price Guarantee requests.

So, I found a great price, and would like to get the same price from Laura's Little Boutique. How do I proceed?

Easy, just fill up the form and click Submit. Please fill the form as fully as possible. We need to verify the price and it helps to have as much information as possible.

When we have approved your request, you will get either an special discount code for the item, or we will inform you about our new price. We will try to answer all requests within 24 hours.

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