Pacific Baby Frequently Asked Questions

Are other teats compatible with Pacific Baby bottles?
There are many brands of teats that are compatible with Pacific Baby. For our wide neck bottles you can use AventTM (ClassicTM and NaturalTM  and with their bottle ring), DifraxTM, Born FreeTM, MAMTM, PigeonTM and Dr. Brown Natural FlowTM (teats only). However please note that you cannot use our insulated bottle cap on top of the AventTM  ring and teat. For our narrow neck insert bottles in the All-in-One range you can use Dr. Brown Natural FlowTM (Patented Ventilation System), DifraxTM, PigeonTM, MedelaTM and NUKTM teats, with or without their rings. There may also be some other brands – please let us know if you find any. Of course we strongly recommend you use our Pacific Baby teats, but you do have the flexibility of these other brands.

How long will the temperature keep?
There are many factors that can affect how long the temperature will remain warm or cool, but generally up to six hours for our 4 oz bottle and ten hours for our 7oz bottle 3-in-One version. The All-in-One up to 7 hours.

I notice my handle rotates quite easily on my bottle – is that right?
Yes. We have specifically designed our handles to rotate very easily. This is because our bottles often contain very hot water, and we don’t want our handles to be used as a lever by the child to accidentally open the bottle ring, and possibly spill hot water. It might be slightly inconvenient, but we’ve found in testing that the bottle sits fine once the child holds it up to drink – it just takes a little getting used to, and a small price to pay for added safety!

How long can I keep formula or breast milk in the bottle?
Our thermal bottles slow temperature change, but they do not kill bacteria. You should follow the instructions from your pediatrician for breast milk, or formula provider on how long you can keep the formula inside. Usually formula must be consumed within two hours of mixing it. So for long outings you can keep the water warm in the bottle first, and then add the formula when your child is ready to feed.

How do I clean my bottle?
We recommend washing in warm soapy water, however you can steam or tablet sterilize your bottles, and you can also wash in the top rack of a dishwasher. If you steam sterilize them, please remove your bottle by the neck after it cools. Design prints will last longer if you wash in warm soapy water. DO NOT MICROWAVE YOURBOTTLE.

Can I microwave sterilize my bottle?
No – it is dangerous to microwave a metal bottle.

Are the bottles safety tested?
Yes. We take safety testing very seriously, and we have tested our bottles against the leading and required safety regulations for both Europe, Canada and North America. These tests include issues like heavy metals, flammability, toxicity, plastic composition, etc. Please contact us specifically for more details.

Are the bottles BPA, PVC and Phthalates free?
Yes – this is one of our top priorities.

Is it safe to put juice in the bottle as well?
Absolutely. Stainless steel comes in various levels of quality for different uses. We use 18/8 304 stainless steel, which is used typically with kitchen equipment. It is completely safe to use either breast milk, formula or juice.

What is the main reason to use a stainless steel bottle?
Stainless steel is a simple and clean material, without a lot of chemicals. It is naturally bacteria resistant, easy to clean, doesn’t scratch, and is a terrific and natural material to hold your milk or juice. Add to that the convenience of a thermal product, and a stainless steel bottle offers a lot of advantages.

How do I convert my bottle to a sip cup or drink bottle?
You need to purchase a Pacific Baby Handle Set or Drink Top. These use the same bottle ring, but for the All-in-One bottle remember to switch to Lock 2.

Do you have a product warranty?
Yes, our thermal bottle has a one year warranty for thermal function and for the plastic neck seal.

Does the warranty cover the bottle coating design?
No. The coatings are attractively painted and will last longer if you wash in warm soapy water only, and handle with care. But they can be scratched or worn with use, which is normal wear and tear.

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