LÍLLÈbaby Instructional videos

Ideal for cozy closeness with your newborn, this position mimics how baby was positioned in the womb with arms and legs pulled up in front of the body.

Comfortably carry your baby during the "baby wearing gap" months (when wide-seat carriers don't fit). The cupped adjustable seat facilitates a natural frog-leg position.


By six months, baby has doubled in weight, is strong and ready to learn. She/he turns towards sound, lights and also has the ability to turn away or "tune out".


Ideal when baby is ready to sit with legs around parents waist. Age for starting varies greatly depending on baby's size and wearer's size.


This position allows baby's weight to rest on your strong hip, with less pressure on your lower back. 

LÍLLÈbaby's unique solution allows you to place baby on your back without assistance through an easy rotation technique: should straps remain in a closed loop during the process.


Easily adjust the seat to a wide setting for the Fetal, Toddler, Hip and Back carrying positions.


Easily adjust the seat to a narrow setting for the Infant Face In and Forward Facing positions.


Learn how to use the Lumbar Support when carrying baby on your front.

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