LiLLEbaby Frquently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the carrier?
Wide seat: 36,8 cm (14.5”)
Narrow Seat: 17,8 cm (7”)
Body (neck support up) 47,0 cm (18.5”) –not including waist.
Body (neck support down) 35,6 cm (14”) –not including waist. This is top of neck support (folded over) to bottom of seat

Can I babywear while exercising?
Yes. Once your doctor clears you for exercise, you may want to include your baby. Power walking should be fine when baby is at least 6 months and have developed strong neck muscles. Never jog with a baby carrier. Always bend in the knees. Never lean forward.

Washing instructions:
The wash instructions are located on the warning label of your carrier (for future reference).
Machine wash cold, mild detergent, no bleach. Hang dry.

Can you breastfeed in the lillebaby COMPLETE?
In order to have the optimal experience we suggest that you play around with the different positions to see what works best for you. We recommend practicing at home a few times in front of a mirror in order to get the hang of it. Wearing a nursing shirt may also be helpful but is definitely not necessary since you can cover up with the hood or the neck support of the lillebaby carrier to ensure privacy.
Use extra caution when nursing in your carrier to ensure that baby has a clear airway. Be sure to reposition your baby to a more upright positioning after nursing.

Do you use flame retardant in your carrier?
We don’t use any flame retardant in the carrier and still meet the California as well as higher flammability standards.

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