Laura's Great Treasure Hunt April 20 - 24.

Great Treasure Hunt

The Great Treasure Hunt at is over.

It was fun for us, hope you enjoyed it too. A lot of treasures, nearly all of the over 160 hidden were found. We hope you also discovered some nice things in our shop while hunting. Remember, everything you see in our shop and can be placed on shopping cart is in stock. We don't show in our shop products we don't have in stock.
Enjoy your newly found treasures and hope to see you back again soon.

Hymiö wink
Laura & her team.


There were 30 little treasure chest hidden somewhere in our shops pages each day.

You could find one of the treasure chests and claim the prize. 

Treasure chests looked like this.




To make the hunt enjoyable to more people, there were two simple rules:

  • You could claim only one prize per day. If you claimed more than one, all your claims after the first one were canceled.
  • You needed to have a shipping address in United States


How did you claim the prize you found?

  • Take a note of the code below the treasure chest, you will need it
  • Click the treasure chest and you will see the prize
  • Each prize has a price of $9999 but don't worry, it's going to be free for you
  • You need to add the prize to shopping cart and checkout
  • Use the code in the shopping cart to get the price removed
  • Checkout normally adding you contact details, so that we can ship the prize to you
  • If the code doesn't work anymore, the prize has already been claimed.

All the Laura's Great Treasure Hunt Prizes 

  • 1 x Surprise prize
  • 2 x Surprise prize
  • 3 x 5000 Reward Points
  • 10 x 3000 Reward Points
  • 15 x 2000 Reward Points
  • 20 x 1000 Reward Points
  • 20 x Discount code for -15% for everything in the shop
  • 25 x Various selected discount codes
  • Huge amount of mystery coin purses

Happy hunting!

And remember, this was meant to be a fun and enjoyable fun - even if you couldn't find anything, or others were having been more luck, you could always try again next day and you had a lot of fun while hunting.

Final words of wisdom. Treasure chests were hidden always at the bottom of the page.


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