Ju-Ju-Be Warranty Information

Ju-Ju-Be Warranty Informaton


If you have received a faulty item, you can return it for 90 days from the day it was received by you. Normal wear and tear is not covered.

When the item comes from factory, there may be small stains and small white wax pieces on them. These can usually be wiped off with a damp cloth. That’s why they are treated with Teflon. If the stain doesn’t get off, then you can return the item for exchange.

There may also be some loose threads in Ju-Ju-Be items. These are usually just end of thread that have not been trimmed properly. You can use small scissors to trim them.

Also, because the items are packed very tightly when they come from factory, they may be out of form. But when you pack them they will come back to the original form. They are made of fabric and they are not, mostly, structured or starched, so small inconsistency in their shape is perfectly normal. Please remember that these are hand crafted bags…they’re made by great people and not stamped out of a machine. We really do have the highest quality workmanship out there, so if it doesn’t affect the function of the bag, then some of the small things might just be there to add character and we love them even more for it.

What is consider wear and tear (includes, but not limited to):

  • Scratches on the outside of the bag from dragging, rubbing, or normal everyday use
  • Dirty spots or splotches
  • Dislodged gems from the zipper pulls
  • Pens that run out of ink
  • Changing pads that are washed and not dried thoroughly and begin to mildew
  • Milk or other fluids that spill and are not cleaned immediately and thoroughly and begin to smell
  • Natural breakdown of materials
  • Accidents
  • Excessive zipper wear

 Manufacturer’s Defect (includes but is not limited to):

  • Broken zippers, zippers that will not open or close properly, zipper pulls that are not attached
  • Unsewn seams (seams that are not sewn together properly by the factory)…this should be noticed right when you get your bag
  • Sliders on the strap not functioning or missing pins
  • Missing parts

 What is not considered as a fault (includes but not limited to):

  • Loose end of a thread (it can be trimmed off with small scissors)
  • All stains, marks and extra material on outer fabric that can be easily removed with a damp cloth
  • All scratches, stains, missing parts or anything that are visually obvious and was in the item when it arrived, and are reported only after removing items labels and/or tags or using it.

If you have a faulty bag, please take couple pictures of the fault and then send them by email, with a description of the fault and your order number to our customer service at info@lauraslittleboutique.com

All warranty replacement are done with similar item, unless it’s not possible due to original item not being available any more, in which case you will be offered few choices to choose from. Warranty period of the replacement item is calculated from the day you received the original item.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service at info@lauraslittleboutique.com


Your Ju-Ju-Be items have a Teflon treatment on the outer fabric, which means that they are stain repellent and most stains can be just wiped off with a damp cloth or tissue.

But they can also be washed. You can wash them, even the Earth Leather! Caring for your Ju-Ju-Be and accessories will prolong their long and healthy life and help keep them looking great. Here are the settings that we suggest for best results: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle. Line Dry.

More information can be found in our shop. There’s a link to caring instructions on every Ju-Ju-Be item’s product page, or you can find them in here ...

Returns and Exchanges on purchases?

You can return, for a refund or exchange any unused Ju-Ju-Be item in original conditions, with all the labels, tags attached and including everything that came with it for 30 days from the day your received it.

You can read more in here ...

You can return the items you want to be refunded or exchanged to the address shown in our shop, in the link above. You are responsible for the return shipping costs.

Please do not return any faulty items, or items bough from any other of our shops to the return address.

If your item is exchanged, your return period is calculated from the day you received the original item.

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