Ju-Ju-Be product features

Ju-Ju-Be Product Features

Teflon - Agion - Thinsulate - Memory Foam

Machine Washable

01. Machine Washable – Air Dry!
Mess happens…especially with little ones. Which is why all Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags and accessories are machine washable. Simply pop them in on the gentle cycle and watch them emerge looking shiny and new! Remember to air dry only- it won’t take long thanks to our Teflon® coating! For more advice on caring for your bag, visit our blog or the Pink Room (link) to chat with the smart, fabulous Ju-Ju-Be Pink Ladies!

Teflon Fabric Protection

02. Teflon® Fabric Protector
When you’re out with baby the last thing you want to worry about is babying your diaper bag. With its Teflon® Fabric Protector, you can even put your bag down on the floor without worrying about stains or dirt! Teflon® coating fends off soil and stains without impacting the fabric’s weight, look or feel. It also enables your bag to air dry 25% faster than a non-treated bag. For more details see http://www.ju-ju-be.com/teflon-and-agion/

Agion Treatment

03. Agion® Treatment
Your Ju-Ju-Be isn’t just a beautiful diaper bag. Thanks to its Agion®-treated lining, it is also a germ, mold and mildew fighting machine! Agion® is a mineral-based treatment with natural, antimicrobial properties, and is formulated to “smart release” its sanitizing properties whenever necessary. So you can rest assured there are no invisible yuckies lurking within your gorgeous bag! For more details see http://www.ju-ju-be.com/teflon-and-agion/

Memory Foam

04. Change Pad
When it’s time for a change, Ju-Ju-Be has you covered. Our larger bags include a comfy memory foam change pad, which is also sold separately in many of our gorgeous patterns. The Hobobe features a light change pad that folds compactly for easy portability. Both the memory foam and light change pads coordinate with your bag’s print, and fit perfectly in the designated change pad pocket.

Crumb Drains

05. Crumb Drains
Say goodbye to crushed snack mess with our ingenious Crumb Drains! Located in the lower back pocket of many of our bag styles, the Crumb Drain is a smartly-sewn gap that allows you to simply shake out the mess!

Mommy POcket

06. The Mommy Pocket
As everyone knows, moms have their hands full. Which is why you shouldn’t have to worry about carrying a diaper bag for baby AND a purse for yourself! Featuring a sunglass holder, key-fob lanyard and plenty of space, Ju-Ju-Be’s Mommy Pocket gives you a place for all your things. Found on most of our bags, the Mommy Pocket keeps your items separate from baby’s for easy access on the go.

Light Colored Linings

07. Light-Colored Linings
No one wants to rummage inside a diaper-bag-black-hole when they need to quickly grab snacks or toys! Whether it’s the silky lining on our original and Hello Kitty prints, or the textured luxury of tokidoki, all our bags feature bright, light linings. So you can instantly find that favorite lovey or snack. Many of our linings also feature beautiful embossing for an extra touch of fun and class.

3M Insulated Bottle Pockets

08. 3M Insulated Bottle Pockets
Whether keeping your bottles warm or your water bottle cold, the insulated bottle pockets ensure your beverages are always the perfect temperature! Made of 3M Thinsulate technology, these innovative bottle pockets are found on most of our bags.

Smart Pockets

09. Smart Pockets
Ju-Ju-Be knows when you are out with baby, organization is everything. Which is why all our diaper bags feature thoughtful Smart Pockets. Whether you prefer to pack with accessories like the Be Set, or put your items directly into the pockets, there will be a place for everything and everything will be in its place.

Metal Hardware

10. Metal Hardware
From our little Pacipod to our sizable Be Prepared, Ju-Ju-Be only uses metal hardware. Featuring adorable details like the tokidoki and Hello Kitty insignias on the zipper pulls, our hardware is unparalleled in quality, cuteness and durability.


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