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Insjö bagINbag Organisers are designed to improve life’s small annoyances!
We help women to organise their essential everyday items inside their handbags and find them quickly. Insjö bags also mean when you switch handbags you just move the Insjö bag with all your essential items meaning you will never forget anything again!
Insjö means “Inland” in some Nordics language and refers to inland water. Nordic lakes are beautiful, especially with their smooth ripples on the surface. Insjö bags within your handbag represent and characterise the peaceful inland water. We aim to bring these smooth ripples to your everyday life with Insjö bagINbag and accessories.

Insjö Inari bagINbag Plum Orange
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Insjö Inari bagINbag Fire Red
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Insjö Inari bagINbag Pure Black
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Insjö Inari bagINbag Hot Coral
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Insjö leather shoulder strap Brown
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Insjö Töölö leather cable organiser Brown
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Insjö Töölö leather cable organiser Pink
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