Cloth Diaper FAQ

How do I wash my diapers?

  1. Cold rinse
  2. Hot wash with full scoop of recommended detergent
  3. Cool rinse
  4. Lay flat to dry or dry on low

Click here to learn more about washing and caring for your cloth diapers.

How should I store my diapers?

You can store your diapers either in a dry pail, or a wet bag. Storing diapers in a wet pail is not recommended and will void your warranty.

Do I need to prep my diapers?

Rumparooz pocket diapers just need to be washed once before use! Anything made of natural fibers, such as hemp, bamboo or our EcoPosh line need to be washed and dried 5 times before use.

What about enzymes?

We recommend using a detergent that contains enzymes. Enzymes are biodegradable and are used to dissolve protein stains. They also break down the fats and oils in your diaper left behind from your baby using the diaper.

Can I use vinegar, bleach, borax, baking soda or any other laundry additives on my diapers?

We do not recommend using any other laundry additives on your diapers. If you feel like your diapers are not getting clean, please contact us so we can help!

I have heard about stripping my diapers. What is that? How often should I do it?

Stripping is the process of removing oils from your diapers. If you have used detergent with fabric softener, diaper creams or other kinds of oils, you may need to strip your diapers. Please contact us so we can help you troubleshoot!

Stripping is not something you should have to do often, if ever. If you find yourself needing to strip your diapers often, it may be time to change up your wash and care routine. Please contact us so we can help you find a routine that works for you!

How many diapers do I need?

Most parents agree that 24 is a number to aim for. When your child is a newborn, you should expect to change the baby 10 to 12 times a day.

My baby has a rash, can I use diaper cream?

Diaper rash while in cloth diapers is not very common. If your child has a persistent rash, you will want to determine the source of the rash and consult your physician. When using diaper cream, we recommend to ALWAYS use a liner to protect your diapers.

What can I do if my diapers have stains?

To remove stains, you can lay your diapers in indirect sunlight while wet.

My diapers are leaking! Now what?

To help you troubleshoot your leaking diapers, please fill out this this form!

A snap came off my diaper, what do I do now?

We can fix that! Please contact us here!

How do I get a great fit on my Rumparooz?

Here is a great video to make sure you are getting the best fit possible. If you have any other questions, please contact us!

Is there a warranty on my diapers?

Yes! You can read all about the warranty on Kanga Care products here. If you believe you have a damaged item that qualifies for a warranty claim, please fill out this form!

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