Caring your cashmere product

Angel Cashmere source only the finest white cashmere to produce their baby blankets. 
This premium pure cashmere consists of white, long, fine hair from the under fleece of Mongolian goats which has been combed to remove the outer coat (or guard hair). Cashmere production is an intenstive and lengthy process, but is guaranteed to deliver a luxury product.

If you look after your cashmere baby blanket lovingly it should last a life time.

Angel Cashmere recommend you always hand wash your baby blankets.

You will find they become softer with every wash.

  • Gently wash with a mild shampoo, soaking if need be, in luke warm water.
  • Gently squeeze the suds through the blanket, taking care not to rub or wring.
  • Rinse thoroughly in luke warm water.
  • Gently squeeze to expel excess water, reshape and dry naturally over a flat towel.
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