Something new coming soon - On Demand Delivery!

Something new coming soon - On Demand Delivery!

Together with DHL we will be offering an totally new, flexible way of receiving your shipments from Laura's Little Boutique - the On Demand Delivery.

What is On Demand Delivery?
On Demand Delivery gives you flexibility in receiving your shipment. You can set it delivered at certain time, certain day, get it delivered to your work place, an parcel locker, service point, even your neighbor.
It's easy, automatic and will be available in most of the countries we ship to.

How does it work?
When an shipment is picked up by DHL, you will receive an text message or email with information on the planned delivery date and an link to our On Demand Delivery page, where you can choose how you want your shipment delivered.

On Demand Delivery options
In most of the countries you will have six options to choose from:

  1. Schedule your delivery. Select date and time up to one week from original scheduled delivery.
  2. Signature release. Ask courier to leave the shipment at a safe place in your original address. 
  3. Leave with neighbor.
  4. Collect from service point or parcel locker.Enter the desired postal code and select from map.
  5. Have your shipment delivered to an alternate address.
  6. Have the shipment on vacation hold for up to 30 days.

On Demand Delivery will be rolled out gradually and not all options are available in all countries.
System is being tested right now and we will start shipping orders with On Demand Delivery very soon.

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