Laura's Women's and Girls Support Fund

Laura's Women's and Girls Support Fund

March 8th is the International Women's Day. It's a day to celebrate all the women in the world.


The brave, strong, famous, mothers, wives, grand mothers, scientists, soldiers, writers, singers, leaders and every woman and girl on earth.


But, it's also a day to remember all the women and girls living in poverty, being abused and without equal opportunities to learn, work and live a safe life.


We want to help all the women in world towards an equal and safer life.


Laura's Women's and Girls Support Fund is dedicated to help those in need through selected charities.


Here's how:


  • We will put aside minimum of 1% of all sales through Laura's Little Boutique.
  • We may occasionally put aside an higher percentage of the sales.
  • Every three months we will donate the full amount in the fund to a selected charity.
  • First donation will be done at the beginning of July 2017 for the period from 6th of March until 30th of July.
  • The target charity will be selected every three months by a poll.
  • First poll will be organized in mid June 2017.
  • The poll will be open for all customers who have made a purchase in the previous six months of the poll.
  • The selected charity must be dedicated to helping women and girls get a better, safer life with for example supporting education, health, safer living or something similar.
  • You, our customers can also propose suitable charities.
    Help us help by supporting us.
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