Ju-Ju-Be for Hello Kitty Out to Sea pre-launch update

Ju-Ju-Be for Hello Kitty Out to Sea pre-launch update

Ju-Ju-Be for Hello Kitty Out ot Sea pre-launch update!

Out to Sea will be launched tomorrow, Tuesday 19th of July. The launch time is:
- midnight in California, Pacific Time
- 3 am in New York, Easter Time

Stock: We will have separate stocks for US, UK and EU shops.
Our shops platform (Shopify) does reserve the items in your shopping cart for few minutes, but if there are a lot of simultaneous buyers for same items, your item may be removed from cart to prevent oversell.
We do have very good stock on most of the Out to Sea items, but unfortunately on some items out order was fulfilled only partially. These items are MiniBe (we got only one quarter of our order), Fuel Cell (we got only half) and Be Light (we got only half of what we had ordered). Those items can be expected to sell out really, really fast.

Purchase limit: Our shops don't have a mechanism to limit how much each customer can purchase any single item. And with hundreds and hundreds of orders, often up to five or six per person, sorting out manually how many each one has bought is just not possible.
Only exception to this is MiniBe. There is a limit of only 1 MiniBe per order. We have so few, that it's possible to go through all those orders manually.
For all other items we will hold all orders with large quantities of single items and if there's any oversell in our EU shops, those orders will have amounts reduced regardless of what shop the order was placed.

Coin purse: Yes we have them, but unfortunately, due to a very, very strict command from Ju-Ju-Be we are not allowed to ship coin purses to United States any more. The reason being that there are no coin purses available in any online shop in United States. We really wish we could still offer these to our US customers, but when it comes to Ju-Ju-Be, Ju-Ju-Be's word is the law. And we won't be able to ship any coin purses to United States from any of our other shops either. Sorry.

Where to purchase: lauraslittleboutique.com/collections/out-to-sea

Print placement and other requests: We are still experiencing issues with out email and Facebook messenger. To be sure your possible message does reach us, please use only email or contact forms in our shops. Use words URGENT OTS and your order number in the email subject field. If for some reason you want to cancel your order or part of it, use CANCEL and your order number in the subject field. We will be busy and may not answer to your email immediately. And please, don't use Facebook unless you don't have any other option available.

Happy shopping, Laura & her team

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