Ju-Ju-Be Blind Boxes are sold out!

Ju-Ju-Be Blind Boxes are sold out!

Blind Boxes!

Blind boxes are sold out!

What are blind boxes?

Blind box is a box, with random items inside it. We pick things, wrap them up and place them in boxes. We then close the boxes, shuffle them around and place them in our warehouse shelves. When you order one, our warehouse picks an random box from the shelf. We pick the item list from the box, add all the documents and ship the box to you.

What 's inside the boxes?

Boxes are filled based on these rules:

  • Boxes contain items mainly from Ju-Ju-Be, but with some spice added with items from various other brands, like tokidoki, Itzy Ritzy and more
  • Items may contain also photo samples, samples from our store, OOAK (One of a kind) items and also customer returns, but all are equal to new, packed in original plastic bags, with all tags and labels attached, except some customer return and OOAK items*.and all have full warranty, 
  • Our boxes don't include any faulty items, only new or items good as new.
  • All boxes contain one larger Ju-Ju-Be item - depending on box size it can be a Super Be, Be Light, HoboBe, Better Be, Be Classy, BFF, Be Right Back or Be Prepared - and one or more smaller Ju-Ju-Be items (for example Be Set or Be Quick), two coin purses, plus bonus items from other brands
  • Current value (regular or sales price) of the Ju-Ju-Be items in the box is way more than the purchase price of the box. Coin purses and all other items are extra bonus.

You can return the box, but as it's considered one single product, you will need to return everything in the box

Sorry, no exchanges of either single items or full boxes

Important, only one box per person!

As these boxes contain highly discounted items, all general discount codes will be disabled during the weekend. 

You can use your Reward Points for the purchase as normal.

You can find the Blind Boxes right at the frong page of our shop!

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