FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laura's Little Boutique?

Laura's Little Boutique is a privately owned online store selling bags, backpacks and accessories. We started in 2013 as a Ju-Ju-Be retailer. We grew to be the largest Ju-Ju-Be retailer outside United States and one of the largest in United States. Unfortunately due ever increasing quality and supply issues, along with some large financial issues with Ju-Ju-Be, in spring 2019 we made the tough decision to drop Ju-Ju-Be from our selection. We have since introduced several new, large brands and new product areas to our selection and will continue to grow also in the future.
Laura's Little Boutique USA online store is operated by Laura's Little Boutique USA Corporation, a private company registered in Delaware, United States. Our European operation is managed by our sister company, Laura's Little Boutique Europe Ltd. Both companies are owned by same private owners.

Where do you ship from?

Laura's Little Boutique operates globally and we also have stock around the world. We have stock in United States, Australia and Germany, Italy and United Kingdom in Europe. Items sold in United States are shipped from mainly from Italy, with few items shipped from United States. We stock all big brands like, Armani, Coach, Furla, Love Moschino, Michael Kors and Versace Jeans bags, backpacks and accessories and also all sunglasses in our new warehouse in Italy.
All Armani, Coach, Furla, Love Moschino, Michael Kors and Versace Jeans bags, backpacks and accessories and all sunglasses are shipped directly from our new warehouse in Italy.
We may sometimes ship items from separate warehouses, but we won't charge any extra fees for that.

Do I have to pay any customs duties, fees or taxes, if my order is shipped abroad?

In United States, no. Never. If your order value is below $800, it's exempt from customs duties, fees and taxes. If your order value is over $800, we will pay any customs duties, fees and taxes there might be for you. Your order is always shipped directly to you and what you pay at our shops checkout is the final price.

As most items are shipped from inside EU, there is no customs fees or any other fees for orders placed inside EU countries. All our orders shipped to EU countries include local VAT.

For other countries please check your local customs regulations.

What is the handling and shipping time?

In general we ship orders within two business days from receiving the order. Some items have a longer handling time, but that is mentioned in the items description.

Also, please note that current Covid pandemic precautions can cause longer handling and shipping times.

Shipping time depends on the selected shipping method. FREE Standard shipping is usually 3 to 7 days and Express is usually 2 to 4 days. These are average shipping times and public holidays, external events like floods, hurricanes, forest fires etc. may mean longer shipping times.

What shipping companies you use?

We ship with several companies and selection to use one is depending on where the item is shipped from, what is the shipping method, what size and weight the item is and also some other factors. Companies we use include Amazon Logistics, DHL, Fedex, UPS and USPS and some others too.

Can I track my order?

Yes, absolutely. As soon as your order has been shipped, you will receive an shipping confirmation by email and if we have your mobile number, also as an SMS message. In the shipping confirmation is link a to tracking. If we ship your order in multiple parts, you will receive shipping confirmation for each shipment.
You can also find the shipping information, with tracking, when you check your order's status in our shop.

What does unfulfilled mean? Is my order ok?

Yes, if you received an order confirmation email, your order is in our system and your items have been reserved for you. Unfulfilled means that the order has not been shipped yet. When it has been shipped, the order status will change to fulfilled.

Products and warranty

Are the bags you sell replicas?

No, abslolutely NOT. We sell only genuine items. We only purchase goods directly from manufacturers or from few selected, tightly screened distributors with impeccable reputation and history. All our big brands like, Armani, Coach, Furla, Love Moschino, Michael Kors, Versace Jeand and all sunglasses come from an very big, authorized Italian distributor, being in business since 2006. They purchase directly from manufacturers and every item is double checked to make sure they are all genuine items. All our tokidoki items are bought from them and come directly from tokidoki's own warehouse in Los Angeles. Same goes to all other items we purchase.

Are the items you sell new?

Yes, of course, we don't sell used items. In the very rare case we receive an customer return, we will check the item to be in exactly same condition it came from factory. If it is as new, it will be sold again, if it has been used or has any faults, we will never sell it as new and at full price.

Do you offer a warranty for the items you sell?

Yes we do. All items have a minimum of 90 days warranty for all factory defects. Some items have longer warranty, which is mentioned in the item description. In case of a warranty issue, we take care of the return shipment and ship the replacement for free.

More questions and answers coming soon.

If you have anything to ask in the meanwhile, just go to our contact page and ask.

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