Donutella's Sweet Shop Relaunch!

Donutella's Sweet Shop Relaunch!

Donutella's Sweet Shop relaunch!
We have received the second shipment of Donutella's Sweet Shop and it will be available to purchase tomorrow at 9 am Easter European time. That is:

  • California: Monday 27th of June at 11 pm (Pacific Time) 
  • New York: Tuesday 28th of June at 2 am (Eastern Time)

Sorry for the timing, but we need to have full crew on place to be able to see that everything works and get shipping started asap.

So, what do we have. Everything, except Fuel Cells. We Have Be Quicks, MiniBe's, Be Prepared's, Paci Pods, Be Neats, B.F.F.'s, Changing Pads, Be Right Backs (only a few), Super Be (really only a few), HoboBe's, Be Lights, Starlets and Super Stars, Messenger Straps, Be Classy's and of course Be Sets.

Also note, due to high demand, our EU shop will not allow shipping to United States or United Kingdom. Please use

Print placement: It would take minimum of another week to get print placement pictures ready, and most ladies don't want to wait, so there will not be possibility to choose print placement.
However, please feel free to leave a request in the order, or if you are too hurry, send it by EMAIL (only email, no FB messages, please) with the SUBJECT in your email being: PP REQUEST ORDER ####. That way we can spot the requests. All other request may get unnoticed.

So, where do I buy?
Sorry, everything is sold out and there will not be anymore.

US shop will have separate stock.

Even our US and UK shops reserve items in the shopping cart, there may be so much overlapping orders that you can loose a product in the cart before payment. There's unfortunately not much we can do about it.

Coin purses, Giant Donut swim floats and Donutella stickers are still available for the larger orders. We can't guarantee coin purse to any order, but all remaining will be given away tomorrow.

We expect to receive, based on amount of stock, between 450 to 600 orders tomorrow. This means it will take us several days to get everything shipped, so please be patient. If there's any issues with your order, we will contact you.

If there's any urgent matters regarding you order, like wrong shipping address, please contact us by EMAIL, with SUBJECT of your email being: URGENT, ORDER ####. That way we will be able to spot your message from the hundreds and hundreds emails we will receive tomorrow. Please do not use Facebook messaging for anything important!

We will need to take the products off the shop until tomorrow, so that we can upload the stock. Don't be alarmed, Donutella's Sweet Shop will be available again very soon.

Happy shopping, Laura & her team.

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