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Write a review

Reviews are important for us at Laura's Little Boutique, at manufacturers and also to you - our dear customers.

Reviews give important feedback on quality, practicality, functions, bling factor and many other important things in a product.

And that's why we have reviews as an solid part of our shop.

But, we need your help. After all, we can't write the reviews, we need you - our customers and the users of products - to write the reviews.

In order to get your writing skills in good use, get more reviews in our shop and give second opinion on as many product as possible, we are going to encourage you to write reviews.

Write an review  and you may get rewarded:

Every week the writer of best reward in terms of quality will be rewarded with 500 Reward Points.

You can write review from an item you have bought from any of our shops, or even from somewhere else, as long as you have actually owned and used the product.

Reviews will be approved before they are public - not to censor negative reviews, but to avoid inappropriate langiage. Trust us, we have experience also on that ;)

What is a good review?

Good review is short, concise, well-founded, but not too short -one sentence or one line of text is too short.
Tell why you gave the amount of stars you gave. What was good, what was not. What surprised you happily, what surprised you not so happily. Who the product is good and who not so good for. Would you buy it again, if yes, why, if not, why.

What is a not so good review?

Don't give just stars, write a review. Length is not important, facts and well-founded opinions are. If the review doesn't have text at all, or has only a word or two, or is a copy paste from some other review, or you make the same review for multiple products - you are not writing a good review. We want honest, true opinions, not just words.

If you are unsure, write the review and ask for feedback.

Where can I write the review?

There's a Review box at the bottom of every product page. Just click the Write a Review text at the right side of the page and start reviewing.

Write a review

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